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Hello and welcome to My Dream Windows a family owned and operated home & office window tinting, frosting and safety specialist company in Melbourne that eats, sleeps and breathes window tinting, frosting and safety.

There is no shortage of window tinting companies in Melbourne, but they are no match for the outright end to end care we provide to each and every one of our fully satisfied customers. With our decade of industry experience, at My Dream Windows, we focus on 100% customized offer in Home and Office Window Tinting, Frosting and Security. That’s why at My Dream Windows, we specialize in the supply and installation of window tint, frost and safety film exclusively for home and office buildings in Melbourne.

We pride ourselves on our process, our craft and our attention to detail. In My Dream Windows we believe in being the best in window tinting, frosting and window safety & Security and see us in a partnership with our customers to provide them the utmost value for their money.

We create an environment by tinting, frosting and securing your home or office windows that not only enhances the property but make people’s lives better.

At My Dream Windows, we offer a lifetime warranty on our window tint films and we have a track record of delivering superior results of home and office window tinting, frosting and safety to satisfied customers throughout Melbourne

At My Dream Windows we continue to strive for excellence and are always working towards our main goal, adding affordable luxury, value, sustainability and security to your property by having your windows tinted, frosted and secured with world class window films.

Window Tinting and Frosting should do one thing and one thing only: add value and protection to your lifestyle and property, it’s as simple as that!

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About My Dream Windows

Our philosophy is simple: delivering our clients a safe and sustainable future.
Since My Dream Windows was established, we have become the most preferred in the window tinting industry in Melbourne. We have become a pre-eminent residential and commercial window tinting installation service provider. Our expert professional service as the best window tinting, frosting, window glass safety and security installation service provider has made many homes and businesses more sustainable and safe.

Our Services

Home Window Tinting

Residential Window Tinting helps you save money on your home's energy bill (HVAC) all year around. It can also help reduce glare, block the UV rays that cause fading of your furniture, carpets and floorboards .Window Tinting is the perfect solution to upgrade your lifestyle. My Dream Windows offers more than 150 types of Window Tinting for your home and business.
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Commercial Window Tinting

Having your commercial building’s windows tinted will benefit you in many ways. You will not only save energy dollars (HVAC), your business will be secure, your work environment will be more comfortable. My Dream Windows specialises in Commercial Window Film Consultation and Installation service.
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Window Frosting

Frosted Window film is a great choice for offices that can benefit from a little privacy. When used strategically, it can help create barriers between offices or cubes, helping workers focus on the task at hand without getting distracted. If you’re worried that this will make your office too dark, don’t—frost films still allow light to enter a space, which makes workers happier and more productive. At My Dream Windows, we’ve found this look is especially great for offices, conference rooms, or any place where a little privacy goes a long way.
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Safety and Security Window Tinting

Our safety and security window films upgrade glass security, producing a protective transparent barrier that provides an effective defense against glass fragments and sprinters.
Safety and Security Window Films holds shattered glass in place, lessening the threat of glass-related injuries resulting from impact , Break-In, collision, blast or natural disaster.
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MyDreamWindows is a proud member of the Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand.

An installer’s WFAANZ membership is your assurance of quality. It means they’re serious about the industry, are interested in training and standards and most importantly have committed to a code of practice that prescribes compliance with all Australian standards and rules of ethical conduct. For peace of mind always choose a WFAANZ member
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