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Safety &
Security Tinting

Is your House protected?

With the significant increase in home invasions, we are offering Melbournians, a cost effective Solution to prevent unauthorized entry into their Family home. Glass doors and windows are the most venerable entry points and can now be quickly secured with a clear or tinted security film.
In most cases the burglars simply steal any goods of value and leave, however in 40% of homes invasions the residents are home and are subjected to the horrific event! Security Film for glass windows is totally clear or tinted, generally undetectable, and nearly impossible to penetrate. Safety film has been used for years on commercial premises for the very same reason.
Available in varying thicknesses window security film chemically bonds to the glass. We also apply a structural silicone adhesive to bond the film and glass to the frame. This method has a proven track record on deterring entry to both Commercial and Residential properties alike.
The single most significant benefit of installing window protection film is increased time. If you or your family are home the added time taken to gain access gives you time to prepare or evade and the police time to react. If you are not at home, the noise in attempting to break through the security film will be excessive and can alert neighbours.

Anti Burglary

Window Safety and Security films are a much economical and better option to secure your home compared to Grills and Roller Shutters
They protect your windows from being shattered or smashed easily by intruders. And the window security films turn your casement or single/double hung or any types of windows into the break-in resistant type.
Clear films and tinted films prevent burglars from looking into your house directly, which makes your house an unwelcomed target.
They don’t change the way your house looks from outside. Roller Shutters doesn’t make your house look nice.

Anti Grafitti

Anti Graffiti Window Film protects your windows from graffiti, vandalism and scratching. It saves a lot of money by not requiring to replace window glass.

Human Impact

Safety and Security Window Film keeps you and your family safe in case of a glass break.
Children can get seriously hurt if they break a window by falling glass. Safety and Security Window Film holds the glass together and stops injury.
Childcare Centres, Home Childcare, Aged Care Facilities use our Safety and Security Window Film to protect their clients.