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Terms and Condition

Preparing for Installation

We require at least 1 metre from the inside of the window outwards to complete the job, if our installer feels there is not enough room and is unable to move your furniture, we will need to re-book the job. This includes removal of any window furnishings that may reasonably interfere with installation, and any other physical obstructions to the glass, such as furniture, desks, computers, tv, washing machines, dryers and any other objects that may introduce additional difficulties to producing a high-quality application.

My Dream Windows is very clean and tidy, we always make sure that our work area is secured and clean. We only use PH neutral products that do not damage your walls or floors, however if you are concerned, please lay down your own drop sheet, we are required to wear fully enclosed shoes at all times as per our workplace insurance.

We will provide our standard drop sheets to cover the front of the window.

Payment by Credit Cards

My Dream Windows reserves the right to pass on costs associated with processing credit card payments.

Payment and Delivery of Services Policy

Upon acceptance of an My Dream Windows quote or offer, a 50% Deposit is required by My Dream Windows to secure your booking to contribute to film cost and preparation of the film to be cut to size for your individual job, The balance of any payment or amount owing is due on completion of the work to the installer before they leave job unless prior arrangements or payment terms with the individual client have been agreed upon in writing. My Dream Windows will make every reasonable effort to deliver the provided service in a timely and professional manner unless interrupted by natural events that are outside of our control. In the case of any delays, My Dream Windows will maintain sufficient contact with the client to keep them informed of any updates and/or ETA’s.

Injury Warning!

During the installation process, we do have a few items that are hazardous for people who do not have experience around these tools, to insure there are no injuries, please do not enter the work area outlined by your installer.

Please ensure that all children and animals are supervised and not touching installers tools or window film.

What To Expect From Your Window Tinting Film

Once it has been applied to your glass, window films may have a slightly hazy or cloudy appearance. This is caused by the water used to apply the film and activate the adhesive. Over the first several weeks, this cloudy appearance will gradually disappear as the film dries, leaving your windows optically clear. A few small areas of residual water may remain, but will gradually dissipate through evaporation over the following weeks.

Installation Notes

Window film installation requires the use of water and a detergent solution to float the film onto the glass. The film is trimmed to size and then the excess water is squeegeed out. Invariably there is residual water that will develop visual haze and water pockets as this remaining moisture begins to evaporate. Do not be concerned, these apparent visual imperfections will slowly disappear as the film cures and should not be regarded as defects. Visual and adhesive cure times are directly related to the thickness of the film and the various metallic construction coatings of the film. The complete dry out time should occur within 30-60 days, however optical clarity will begin to improve several days after installation depending on the amount of sunlight, humidity and heat directed upon the window. Thicker, multi- layer or metallic protective films may take 30- 60 days longer. *Do not clean the surface of the film during this drying period. Film Care & Maintenance After curing, a few small particles or points may remain. They are normally visible from the outside and are inherent to film adhesives. These points or light reflections do not affect the performance, durability or longevity of the film in any way.

To clean your window film, simply spray the surface with mild soapy water and wipe off gently with a soft cloth, chamois or soft rubber squeegee. Do not use abrasive style cloths, brushes, sponges or powders to clean your film. Do not use ammonia-based glass cleaners or other strong chemicals. Your window film manufacturer can also recommend commercially available window film cleaners or polishes that are safe and easy to use. Do not stick heavy or gummed signs, tape or attachments to the surface of the film. The barely visible light gap border around the edges ensures that the film is properly sealed and bonded to the glass. Do no pick at the edges of the film.

Cleaning and Care

Avoid cleaning your newly installed film for at least eight weeks, until the film has had time to completely cure and fully bond to the glass. After this drying period your tinted windows can be cleaned by spraying with soapy water and wiping softly with a damp microfiber cloth, chamois or squeegee, ensure that all of the windows edges are thoroughly dried.

Never use abrasive cloths, brushes or ammonia-based cleaning products.

The application of sticky tape, suction cups, stickers etc is strongly discouraged and may void the legitimacy of any potential warranty claim in the unlikely event of film failure.

Glass Breakage

Upon acceptance of the proposal provided by My Dream Windows, the client acknowledges that no claim or blame shall be made against My Dream Windows as a result of any fracture, fault or failure of the glass caused by faulty glazing, thermal stress, faults, scratches or blemishes in the glass and/or sub-standard frames or glass installation techniques. All of which the client accepts are due to pre-existing conditions which could not have been identified at the time of installation and are reasonably considered to be outside of My Dream Windows control. In some cases, a glass audit may need to be carried out to ensure glass strength and integrity prior to recommendation of a suitable product.

Insurance Cover

It’s a good idea to notify your insurance company that you have had solar or security film applied to your glass/windows, so that in the event of accidental glass breakage, the cost of replacing the glass and the window film can be covered. Insurance companies generally do not charge additional premiums for this extra cover, but it’s a good idea to check with your particular insurer to be certain.


Window films are warranted against cracking, peeling and delaminating from the date of installation, when properly installed on interior glass surfaces by a properly trained and accredited technician, for the period stated on the front of this proposal, or individually listed on the manufacturer’s warranty card or your invoice.

This warranty is void if the window film is subject to abuse or improper care, eg. Picking at film edges, use of sticky tape or other adhesives, improper cleaning or water leaking through window frames warranty form.

General Conditions of Agreement

All Proposals submitted by Aussie Window Tinting are considered valid and current for 30 days from the date shown on the quotation. Pricing may need to be adjusted after this time due to pricing fluctuations from film suppliers.

Upon acceptance of this proposal either verbally or in writing, the client acknowledges that his/her acceptance forms a legal and binding agreement. The client further agrees to reimburse Aussie Window Tinting for any costs and/or losses incurred, should the client have a change of mind or circumstances.

Once an agreement and acceptance of this proposal by both the client and Ultra Tint has been established either verbally or in writing, Aussie Window Tinting agrees to carry out the work within a reasonable amount of time. The client undertakes to provide reasonable and unobstructed access to the job site during normal working hours unless otherwise agreed to by both parties. Upon acceptance of this proposal, the price on the front of the page will be held binding and the client agrees to pay the full amount on the date of completion of the job by cash, card or bank transfer.